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Wellness Institute’s Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Comes to Doylestown

Posted on March 31, 2017

womanfooddietthinkingapple_17424769_l.jpg Doylestown Board-Certified Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist Beth Herman is launching a six-week TRIM-LIFE weight release program beginning in early May.

Developed by the Wellness Institute of Washington and offered at the Cleveland Clinic for Integrative Medicine since 2010, the program uses hypnosis and counseling to help people lose weight. Over six sessions, Herman guides participants to discover the triggers and underlying emotions behind unhealthy eating habits that weigh them down. Once people recognize them, they can use techniques like mindfulness, meditation and visualization to change their unwanted behaviors and avoid giving in to their cravings.

The program is geared toward people that have had trouble losing weight through dieting or experience cycles of losing weight and gaining it back. As a weight release program, TRIM-LIFE focuses on the causes of weight gain to avoid putting on those pounds before having to work on losing them.

“Diets are restrictive, and when you are restrictive, at some point you will want whatever it is again,” explains Herman. “If you don’t address the emotional issues, you can only go so long before a trigger comes back.”

This spring is the first time Herman is holding the full six-week program. Recently, she used each part of the program in separate trial sessions with clients, and she reports that the results were positive and powerful. One client identified her triggers after just one session. Another began “quietly losing weight” almost immediately.

With years of experience as a licensed, board-certified professional counselor and certified clinical hypnotherapist, Herman combines hypnosis with holistic therapy techniques like proper breathing and meditation to help people improve their lives.

“When you become aware of your emotional triggers, you can heal them,” Herman assures.

Location: The Farm at Doylestown, 605 Farm Lane. For more information, call 215-348-8900 or visit .

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